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Why Yuncore Is the Best Home Wireless Solution for You!

Yuncore offers extensive home Wi-Fi and home wireless solutions, delivering extensive wireless coverage for both villas and houses. Our range of products, including smart PoE routers, wireless access points, mesh routers, and LTE routers, ensures a comprehensive wireless signal across every corner of your home. Additionally, Yuncore empowers parents with easy-to-use controls to manage and prevent internet addiction among children.

With that said, let’s look at some of the features of Yuncore’s home wireless solutions!

PoE Integration for Effortless Setup of Home Wireless Solutions

Yuncore’s PoE-powered devices eliminate external wiring, seamlessly integrating into your existing decor without any hassle. This feature ensures a tidy setup while providing robust and stable performance, delivering a flawless internet experience in every corner of your home.

  • Robust Performance and Extensibility
    Yuncore’s devices supply full wireless coverage throughout your premises. This ensures that you experience reliable and stable performances. Our high extendibility allows for easy addition of wireless access points to enhance signal strength throughout your house, providing flexible and convenient home wireless solutions.
  • Smart Router Capabilities for Easy Management
    Yuncore’s devices combine smart routers, PoE switches, and WLAN controller functionalities, creating a plug-and-play solution. This integrated setup, housed within a home electronic distribution box, works seamlessly with wireless APs to deliver comprehensive wireless coverage, facilitating centralized and remote control and management, ensuring a smooth user experience.
  • Seamless Roaming for Uninterrupted Connectivity
    By adopting a smart router, PoE switch, AC controller, and wireless access point technologies, Yuncore ensures seamless wireless coverage for your home. This feature allows family members and visitors to enjoy uninterrupted real-time entertainment, even while moving between different wireless access point coverage areas as Yuncore’s home wireless solutions adjust automatically without any lag or disturbance.
  • Internet Behavior Regulation
    Yuncore supports parental control features in their home wireless solutions, enabling users to regulate their kids’ internet behavior effectively. This promotes a green and healthy internet environment by dividing networks into family and visitor segments, controlling various application software, and limiting P2P usage to manage user internet behavior and enhance overall network security.
  • Centralized Configuration and Remote Maintenance
    Acting as an AC controller, Yuncore assigns IP addresses to each wireless AP, enabling zero-configuration setup for SSID, password, channel, and more. This plug-and-play functionality is complemented by cloud server support for remote maintenance, WeChat binding for monitoring network behavior, and real-time status monitoring from anywhere via WeChat integration. This ensures there is minimal manual work in these home wireless solutions as almost all integrations occur automatically.

Yuncore’s Devices for Home Wireless Solutions

1. Authentication Gateway and AC Controller – MR810
Yuncore’s MR810 combines smart router, AC controller, and PoE switch functionalities into a centralized device. It facilitates easy configuration of wireless AP settings, firmware upgrades, and remote monitoring via cloud server and WeChat integration. Additionally, it supports seamless roaming, load balancing, QoS, parental control, and internet behavior control functions.

2. Outdoor Wireless Access Point – AP1200
The AP1200 offers high-speed 11ac 1200Mbps wireless connectivity for outdoor use. With a waterproof design and support for various operation modes, including AP, Gateway, WISP, and Wi-Fi Repeater, it ensures extended Wi-Fi range and easy installation with PoE support. Managed centrally via a WLAN controller and cloud server, it’s an ideal choice for outdoor wireless coverage.

3. In-wall Wireless AP – PW550
Yuncore’s PW550 delivers 2.4GHz, 300Mbps wireless data rates in an in-wall design with PoE support. Its seamless integration into existing decor provides full wireless coverage, complemented by multiple LAN ports for IPTV or PC connections. When paired with an AC controller, it offers centralized management for enhanced user experience.



Yuncore emerges as the top choice for home wireless solutions, offering unmatched features like seamless roaming, parental control, and centralized management. With a diverse range of devices catering to different needs, Yuncore ensures reliable, stable, and extensive wireless coverage, making it the premier choice for modern homes.

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